Acting & Actors Tips and Tricks: Making it with an agency

Hollywood is looking for new talent! Ha-Ha-Ha. That is probably the biggest joke I have ever heard.

First, when anyone uses the phrase “Hollywood”, and they know what they’re talking about, is referring to the “Big 6” and their supporting cast.

By the “Big 6” it is meant the six “Major” distributors.
4) 20th FOX

However, there are also other pretty big distributors, who can write you a big-big check, who are called the “Mini-Majors” they are…
1) Miramax
2) Weinsteins
3) Reliance
4) Relativity
5) New Line
6) Dreamworks
7) Lionsgate
8) Imagenation

These 14 Distributors, with their parasitic or symbiotic (pick one) Literary & Talent agencies (SEE BELOW), who handle the A-List Actors, Writers & Directors are what is usually deemed as “Hollywood”.

1) William Morris Endeavor (WME2)
2) International Creative Management (ICM)
3) Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
4) United Talent Agency (UTA)
5) Paradigm Agency
6) Agency for Performing Artists (APA)
7) The Gersh Agency (TGA)

The point I am going to is… There they are… “Hollywood”. And they are always on TV and in newspaper being interviewed saying they’re “Looking For New talent”.


Why don’t you just get their phone numbers and call and tell them you have an idea or a script and see if you can get anyone on the phone that says “Great, we’re looking for new talent”.

What they are looking for is NOT NEW TALENT but NEW (inexpensive) NAMES TO MARKET & EXPLOIT.

Oh, you still don’t believe me. You desire to be a dreamer and live in fairytale land.

“Hollywood” is not looking for new talent. And now that the web is here all independents, if we ban together, can create an alternative world where we can create, collaborate, fund and, hopefully, profit.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
*Produce *Finance *Write *Direct *Distribute *Profit

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