Defining Low-Budgets (Filmmaking 101)

WHAT THE HecK IS LOW-BUDGET? (“$10K, $100K or $1,000K?”)
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Low-Budget, No-Budget, Micro-Budget, Ultra-Low-Budget; enough, enough. What the heck is everyone talking about, in dollars of course, when these phrases are thrown out.

Let’s talk numbers…dollars.

Hollywood (aka: Movie Studios), in their world of mega-budget movies, call Low-Budget $15,000,000-$20,000,000. And you hear them say on panels that the average Low-Budget feature Film today is $18,000,000+.

OK. To the “Big 6” (Warners, Sony, Paramount, 20th, etc) Low-Budget is (here’s another phrase) “Low 8-Figures”.

I love when they say “Mid 7-Figures”; “High 6-Figures”.

For Pete’s sake (by-the-by, who is Pete?) why don’t they just say the bloody number.

Hollywood Guilds & Unions each have individual agreements, that they call Low-Budget Agreements, with each having a different amount for Low-Budget.

Writer’s Guild used to call Low-Budget anything under $5,000,000.

Director’s Guild used to call Low-Budget anything under $1,500,000.

Screen Actor’s Guild calls Low-Budget anything under $1,000,000: then they have something that says anything under $500,000, then they have something that says anything under $200,000.

Yo actors, make your mind up.

Now let’s cut-to-the-chase. Stop this Bull Rhetoric and get to the bottom-line for you.

WHAT DO YOU… YOU KNOW YOU, the person complaining about I can’t make rent, the person who can’t seem to afford to keep your gas tank on full, the person who didn’t even pledge $20 to Filmbay.comon it’s IndieGoGo campaign because you said “Money is tight right now”.

So, if “money is tight right now” and you didn’t even pledge $29 bucks to Filmbay.comthen DON’T YOU DARE CALL LOW-BUDGET, $18 Million, $5 Million, $1 Million, $500K, or even $200K.

Remember, you didn’t pledge $29 bucks.

Take your bank account. No Bull. Look at that number. Now, that number is High-Budget, for you and to be real cut that number in half and…that, for you, is Low-Budget.

You want to call it Micro-Budget, No-Budget or Ultra-Low-Budget… I don’t care but now you are into reality and can plan a feature film…. A 90-page script, in real time, with a weekend shoot, and a HDSLR camera that is synchronized properly.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
*Produce *Finance *Write *Direct *Distribute *Profit

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