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DEALS OF THE WEEK… (“Who Is Making Bucks”)

One of my three most favorite actors, stars, entrepeneurs, human beings who combines work ethic, with talent, with true global compassion is George Clooney… …the other two are Will Smith & Sean Penn.

First why! I don’t know them as buddies or good friends but I’ve met them, I’ve been in rooms with them, I’ve watched them as they get inundated with people and demands and I have always observed them being total nice human beings. Plus, look what they are doing with the stardom that they have by helping the world (Sudan, Haiti, Middle-East).

I know of two situations where, after a movie they Produced & Starred in was shot and edited, they actually both wrote hand written letters to 5-7 actors who had itsy-bitsy small scenes, with maybe 1-line, but in the final cut were edited out. These were “1-Day” hires paid maybe $600 (SAG minimum).

Both the super stars (Mr Clooney & Mr Smith) took the time, knowing how important one of your first parts are when you are a struggling actor, to apologize for editing out their scene and telling them that it had absolutely nothing to do with their acting abilities.

Wow! I think that is wonderful and I hope all of you do that when you become mega-rich and meg-powerful and meg-important…that you always take the time to act like a nice caring human.

Anyway, forgive me on my ADD. This is my blog anyway… let’s get back to some deals last week.

1) SMOKEHOUSE PICTURES (12001 Ventura Pl, #200, Studio City, CA 91604)
(Tel: 818-432-0330): Owned by George Clooney & Grant Heslov, have optioned and are adapting “August: Osage County”, a 2007 Broadway hit, about pills & addiction with a family to star Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts with Harvey Weinstein & Jean Doumainean, formally of Woody Allen, producing.

2) BRIAN DUFFIELD, repped by The Gersh Agency (310-274-6611) has sold to Paramount Pictures (assigned to Shawn Levy, formerly of 21 Laps Entertainment, to produce?) the spec script (spec being a shortening of the word speculation; meaning the person who wrote it, wrote it for free and was simply speculating) “MONSTER PROBLEMS” about an apocalyptic road trip.

3) MARGOT ROBBIE (repped by CAA, 424-888-2000): An Australian beauty and multiple Logie (Oz award) winner, who was in the canceled tv series, “Pan Am”, will now be in Martin Scorsese’s next flick, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, with Leonardo DiCaprio.
POI (Point of Info): It is very unusual for a tv actor to cross-over and become a movie actor so Ms Robbie obviously has a good agent and personal manager guiding her career

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
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