Filmmaker Legal Essentials 100: Insurance Help?

DEAL-MAKERS & POWER BROKERS (“The Biggest Legal-Beagles”)
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Attorneys have the power. Attorneys know where the money is? Attorneys know what the money wants? I hate attorneys but my dad a long time ago said “To be successful you gotta do what you don’t wanna do”.

What I don’t wanna do is work with attorneys. However, I desire to be more successful and as of today I am paying 2 separate entertainment attorneys to take my projects to the next level.

Last week I posted a list of 40 Power Attorneys that specialize on Talent Agreements for Writers, Actors & Directors.

Now let me give you some entertainment attorneys that specialize more with Producers, with each getting financing, or selling properties, or enforcing contracts.

So, I beg you, never ever again ask me for the name of an attorney because you believe someone stole your idea (Ugh). Here is the list. Google or Bing ‘em. Get their phone numbers and call.

Here is what they are quickly going to want to know or “sniff out”…
A) INSURANCE: whoever you’re suing is there an insurance company
B) ORIGINATION: Can you show Registration & Copyright proof
C) SUBMISSION: Can you prove you submitted it to them
D) SIMILARITY: This is the grey area. How do you show “it’s it”?

Good luck, but from now on you have the amazing list of entertainment attorneys that know how to sue and collect if you have something that you (A) own and have proof that you (B) submitted it to them and (C) it is similar and (D) there is an insurance company to negotiate with…

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
*Produce *Finance *Write *Direct *Distribute *Profit

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