How to get an amazing film script

GET THE GREAT SCRIPT… (“Only Great Will Do”)

You’re a Producer. You have an amazing idea. It’s so frickin’ hot it’s burning a hole in your mind. Damn but it’s good. All you need is someone at one of those networks or studios to tell it to and they’re going to say “Thank you, Oh my god, you’re so right. I love it. Let me give you some money.”


Sounds a little naïve or stupid doesn’t it? But you’d be amazed at how many first-timers, who never become a first-timer, believe that all they need is an idea…Oh yeah, “a great idea”.

Well, let me cut-to-the-chase. No one owns an idea. And even if your idea is great, which it better be, as soon as you tell it to someone, you gave-it-away….for no one owns a thought.

The job of great producers is to (1) get a Great idea and then (2) get a Great script.

A script is a tangible property that one can own

There are three ways to get a great script.


Whether you (1) WRITE IT (cheapest way), (2) HIRE IT (write treatment first) or (3) BUY IT (3-4 year option) you better make sure “IT IS GREAT”.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
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