New: Fix it in post? Simplifying Editing and Post (Post-Production)

POST-PRODUCTION IS EASY… (“The Simple Secret”)

Post-Production, even though you, the first-timer, know nothing about the process is SUPER EASY.

The Shoot is the tough. Post is a piece-of-cake.

Permit me to explain.

When you are doing the shoot….You the producer, or you the producer-director or you the producer-director-writer are always overwhelmed. You are dealing with everything and everyone simultaneously every moment of every day.

You’re dealing with actors, crew, equipment, locations, props, food, weather, guilds & unions, sets, payroll, schedules, budgets, emotions, dramas, personalities, talent, art…. I don’t know how anyone handles their first feature film shoot….

But somehow you do…..

When in doubt (which will be all the time) always remember that no shot is so important that you go over-budget or behind-schedule to get it. For, if this shot is so important that it will save your film…. then your film stinks.

What saves your film is “Get it done”

Get It Done… On-Budget & On-Schedule”

So when in doubt (almost all the time) during your shoot, just ask yourself “Have I gotten a Master Shot” and if the answer for the scene is “Yes” then move on to the next scene.

After the shoot and you have inventoried all the equipment, with noting “M&D” (Missing or Damaged) and returned it. You will probably go home and sleep for 3 days.

When you wake up you’ll discover the “C&C” (Cast & Crew) have all gone, networked, and are on new jobs and you’re left to finish the film…by yourself.

It’s Okay. Just do everything one-step-at-a-time

Post is one-step-at-a-time. *Picture Edit, *Sound Edit, *ADR, *Foley, *Music, *Mix, *Music, *M&E, *Lab., etc.

The shoot is overwhelming.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
*Produce *Finance *Write *Direct *Distribute *Profit

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