New: Making a Reality TV show (how-to diy do it yourself)

REALITY TV…. (“Macho Men & Hot Chicks”)
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Reality TV Update. A couple of weeks back I posted a series of “seeds” (genres that work) on you coming up with new ideas for “Reality TV” series and remember….(A) Keep it cheap, (B) think about season 2 & 3, (C) the Network you’re geared towards and (D) a production company, to partner with, that has produced a reality series for that network.

He liked them and quickly set up pitch meetings with established production companies that did “Dog Whisperer”, “Hells Kitchen”, “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, etc.

I went. I pitched. I lost.

All they wanted to tell me was how “Project Greenlight” and “On The Lot”, film oriented reality series, both failed.

I wanted to tell them about how they were just “bubble-gum” shows about watching rich kids given a fair amount of money & a bunch of baby rah-rah speeches from the judges with no real-life drama.

Bottom-line. “Pass”. “Pass”. “Pass”.

Now, away from me and that dose of reality and back to you and your ideas.

Here is a genre that I forgot about that works…. MEN, MACHO-MEN, TOUGH GUYS. Never mind talent competitions and dating shows, they work but they’re tv network expensive while you are basic cable network cheap.

Reality Programming is a fun world. Plus, if the show doesn’t date itself it is a massively profitable world. And, I hope that you have learned a little from my experience… Get an idea; write & register it; get an agent; set up meetings & pitch and then….

… “Turn it over to God”. You can’t control anything.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
*Produce *Finance *Write *Direct *Distribute *Profit

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