Pitching 102 The TV Deal Pitch

TV DEALS…. (“Who to Call? Pitch & Partner”)

TV industry is difficult. Movie industry is simple.

What do I mean by that?

I have never ever understood why everyone has such high regards for the movie industry and looks down their nose at the tv industry.

Have you, by-the-by, notice how many alleged movie actors, in the past 3 years, have now gone to tv for series work… Hmm. This is interesting.

First, tv is difficult. Whether it is a 30-minute sitcom or a one-hour drama the running time of the show that you, the producer-director, have to achieve must BE PRECISE. You have to make the show and edit it to the (A) exact times, with (B) the exact commercial breaks and (C) still be entertaining…. Wow.

Second, tv producers have to deliver a show, within the exact running times and commercial breaks, on a weekly basis. Every week. Every week. Every week…. Wow.

Now, let’s get to movies and the movie business. Movies, with respect to running time are not exact. They can be anywhere between 90-120 minutes in running time. A movie could be 99 minutes and 32 seconds or 103 minutes and 12 seconds or 91 minutes and 47 seconds…..

TV is exact and you must deliver every week, every week, every week. Movies are anywhere between 90-120 minutes and the successful producers or directors only seem to do one every two years.

Got it. Give anyone in the tv industry a lot of respect.

Now, let’s go with you and your GREAT TV idea.

The television and cable networks know how hard and exact tv is thus, when you have an idea, and you’ve written registered & copyrighted it, you now must partner with a tv production company who has delivered a successful series “On-Time” and “On-Budget”… otherwise don’t think about calling a network to pitch.

Below I will give you a tv network (Fox Television Studios) with a list of established production companies that they are comfortable with and have actually given deals to bring new projects.

Pitch to the Production Company’s Development Executive.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
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