Screenwriting Tips 101: Do you have a good script?

SCREENPLAY TEST…. “Is Your Script Great?”

Your script is the key to open the doors of success in the Movie Industry. And, as a first-timer only GREAT will do. Always remember, “Hollywood can get away with mediocrity but first-timers can’t”.

Thus, before you send out your script to be sold, or to get an agent or try to get it financed take the SCREENPLAY TEST to see if it is GREAT.

Please realize that your script, especially if it is only your first-draft, re-typed & tweeked six times in the past year is probably something that you will fall in love with. It is your first child, your first born and you are sure it is perfect.

Be careful. To you your child is perfect, to others the kid might be just another “poop machine” so before you send it out, I want you to take this test, and hopefully, it will make you “Step Back” and “See the Forest From the Trees”.

(1) Take the 7 Quizes
(2) Score each Quiz with a 1-3 for “Very Poor”, 4-6 for “Adequate”, 7-8 for “Good”, 9 for “Very Good” and 10 for “Excellent”

Test over. Now add up the score. It will be between 7-70. What did you come up with? 33? 48? 67? 68?

If your score is anything but “70”, yes perfect, your script sucks.

50-60 is horrendous.

65-67 isn’t good enough.

69 isn’t perfect.

Remember, you are a first-timer and you have to be perfect.

Thus, I guess it’s time for either a rewrite, or put the script away, and right another totally new script, and then, a year or two later, go back to your first script, that didn’t get a “70” score and try one more re-write.

Happy Filmmaking, The Filmbay Team,
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