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Want the Business, Finance & Deal Making news of the Movie, TV & Cable industries…then you should subscribe to either, or both, VARIETY and HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

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It used to be that they were both published on a daily basis (Mon-Fri), with Variety also published in a thicker, once a week, weekly issue.

Today, Hollywood Reporter is published just once-a-week on Tuesday and is more geared to gossip & fashion with a couple of in depth business articles on a celeb or a company or a tv series or a movie franchise. It has become good “john” reading material.

Today, Variety, still publishes a weekly issue and a daily (Mon-Fri) series. However, it is trying to morph itself into the digital social media world as its print edition slowly lose advertising pages and it is disappearing.

Three years ago Variety was valued at $100 Million. Today I hear values like $30 Million. (Oooh, the $40 Million above is then a good deal). Plus, the page count has gone down and down and down. The last issue of Variety (weekly) has only 28 pages.

Here they are:

VARIETY (July 30-August 5) articles

1) TOYS R US (pages 1, 9 & 27): Article on merchandising & licensing for movie TED

2) ANGER MISMANAGEMENT (page 1&2): Competition between Cable/Satellite owners and Cable Networks with cost to subscribers

3) MUSIC MAVEN’S BIG DEAL (page 1&8): “Big Machine”, a record label expands.

4) FADING SUPERSTAR (page 4): Gossip-Business on Andrew Lloyd Webber

5) CHANNEL 4 SPINOFF (page 4): UK tv channel creates channel for Twitter & Facebook users (found it very interesting)

This is this week’s Variety. And, if you are truly in the industry, especially a corporate exec or an agent, with no talent, then you better be up on the gossip and need to subscribe to Variety with Hollywood Reporter becoming more of an in-depth Business-Fashion magazine than a trade newspaper.

If you are not in the industry then I recommend going to your public library once-a-month and catching up with the gossip after it is on TMZ. But TMZ doesn’t detail business-gossip that is for Variety.

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